The Complete List of KaiOS Phones (2024)

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There are over 100 KaiOS phones sold worldwide, and many more when you consider SKUs and network variants of the same model name (i.e. there are 20+ models of the JioPhone). More models may be observed from user agents.

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KaiOS Phones

ManufacturerModel NameKaiOS VersionMarketForm Factor
GreatCallJitterbug FlipFirefox OS 2.2USFlip
AlcatelAlcatel GO FLIP 2KaiOS 1.0USFlip
AlcatelAlcatel GO FLIP 3KaiOS 2.5USFlip
AlcatelAlcatel GO FLIP 4KaiOS 3.0USFlip
AlcatelAlcatel SMARTFLIPKaiOS 2.5USFlip
TCLTCL Flip ProKaiOS 3.0USFlip
TCLTCL Flip 3KaiOS 3.1USFlip
JioJioPhoneKaiOS 2.5IndiaCandybar
JioJioPhone 2KaiOS 2.5IndiaQWERTY
JioJioPhone Prima 4GKaiOS 2.5IndiaCandybar
CATCAT B35KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
DoroDoro 7050/60/70KaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
MaxcomMaxcom MK241KaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
MaxcomComfort MK399KaiOS 2.5EuropeFlip
MultilaserMultilaser ZAPPKaiOS 2.5BrazilCandybar
MultilaserMultilaser ZAPP II 3GKaiOS 2.5BrazilCandybar
myPhoneUp Smart 3GKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
myPhoneUp Smart LTEKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
PositivoPositivo P70SKaiOS 2.5BrazilCandybar
HammerHammer 5 SmartKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
NokiaNokia 8110 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
NokiaNokia 2720 FlipKaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
NokiaNokia 8000 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
NokiaNokia 6300 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
NokiaNokia 2780 FlipKaiOS 3.1USFlip
NokiaNokia 2760 FlipKaiOS 3.0USFlip
NokiaNokia 800 ToughKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
TracFoneMy Flip 2 4GKaiOS 2.5USFlip
CingularCingular Flex 4GKaiOS 2.5USFlip
CingularCingular Flex 2KaiOS 3.1USFlip
CingularCingular Flip 2KaiOS 1.0USFlip
CingularCingular Flip 3 (Q28A)KaiOS 2.5USFlip
Consumer CellularIRIS FlipKaiOS 3.1USFlip
OrbicJourney V 4GKaiOS 2.5USFlip
OrbicJourney Pro 4GKaiOS 3.1JapanFlip
BluZoey Smart 3GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
BluTank MegaKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
BluFlex B300VKaiOS 3.1GlobalFlip
CricketDebut FlipKaiOS 3.1USFlip
SPCJasperKaiOS 2.5EuropeFlip
SPCJasper 2 4GKaiOS 2.5EuropeFlip
TIMTIM Social 4GKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
AsperaAspera R40KaiOS 2.5AustraliaCandybar
AsperaAspera F30 4GKaiOS 2.5AustraliaCandybar
R3DiFR150 Bright FlipKaiOS 2.5USFlip
MobicelS1 Smart 4GKaiOS 2.5South AfricaCandybar
MTNMTN SmartKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
JazzDigit 4GKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G MusicKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G EliteKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G PowerKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G Power MaxKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G BoldKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G StarKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G DefenderKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
JazzDigit 4G ShineKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
OrangeSanzaKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
OrangeSanza XL 4G (it9301)KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
OrangeNeva LinkKaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
OrangeNeva MiniKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
OrangeOrange K2KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
AlcatelAlcatel 3078KaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
AlcatelAlcatel 3088KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
AlcatelAlcatel 3088XKaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
AltanAltan K26KaiOS 2.5MexicoCandybar
EnergizerEnergizer E288sKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
EnergizerEnergizer H280SKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
EnergizerEnergizer E241SKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
EnergizerEnergizer E280SKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
EnergizerEnergizer E282SCKaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
EnergizerEnergizer E242SKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
TECNOTECNO T901KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
TECNOTECNO T920d 4GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
TigoTigo T-SmartKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
VMKElikia Moke 2KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
MuniMuni Smart 4GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
LemokLehumo Smart 4GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
QMobileQMobile 4G PlusKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
VodacomSmart Kitochi (Azumi)KaiOS 2.5TanzaniaCandybar
VodacomSmart Kitochi (Vida)KaiOS 2.5TanzaniaCandybar
VodacomVibe 4GKaiOS 2.5LesothoCandybar
QuboQubo Rainbow P280KaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
GeoPhoneGeoPhone T15KaiOS 2.5BangladeshCandybar
GeoPhoneGeoPhone T19KaiOS 2.5BangladeshCandybar
GeoPhoneGeoPhone T19iKaiOS 2.5BangladeshCandybar
CellAllureSmart TempKaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
DIXONDIXON XK1KaiOS 2.5South AfricaCandybar
RAM9RAM9 Plum 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
XandosXandos X5 3GKaiOS 2.5MexicoQWERTY
GHIAGHIA KoX1KaiOS 2.5MexicoCandybar
GHIAGHIA GK3GKaiOS 2.5MexicoCandybar
LogicomKay 283 3GKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
LogicomKay 284 4GKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
HyundaiHyundai L365KaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
VIETTELVIETTEL V6504KaiOS 2.5VietnamCandybar
VIETTELVIETTEL V1207KaiOS 2.5VietnamCandybar
CornSmart K 3GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
TelmaWi-kif 3GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
TelmaWi-kif 4G+KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
TelmaWi-kif Max 4GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
CrosscallCore-S4KaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
i-PLUSi-PLUS i4GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
iPROiPRO Geniphone A22KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
iPROiPRO Smart 2.4SKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
WINTEKW209 3GKaiOS 2.5EthopiaCandybar
SymphonySymphony PD1 4GKaiOS 2.5BangladeshCandybar
VGO TELVGO TEL Smart HiFiKaiOS 2.5PakistanCandybar
UnitelUnitel Wifone (M42445)KaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
SafaricomKimem KerefaKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
GigasetGigaset GL7KaiOS 2.5EuropeFlip
SmartSmart Nano IIKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
LoganPanitaKaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
UnonuUnonu K8KaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
SveonSveon SMB300KaiOS 2.5LATAMCandybar
LogicomLogic B8K DualKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
IKUIKU V400KaiOS 2.5UAECandybar
NobbyNobby 231KaiOS 2.5RussiaCandybar
NobbyNobby 240 LTEKaiOS 2.5RussiaCandybar
IDCIDC Voice 20 4GKaiOS 2.5RussiaCandybar
WonderWonder L2407 4GKaiOS 2.5KenyaCandybar
AfricellAfriphone Smart 3GKaiOS 2.5AfricaCandybar
ZantelZantel SmartaKaiOS 2.5TanzaniaCandybar
SmartSmart TZ1KaiOS 2.5TanzaniaCandybar
AdvanHape Online 4GKaiOS 2.5IndonesiaCandybar
WizPhoneWizPhone WP006KaiOS 2.5IndonesiaCandybar
SigmaX-Style S3500 sKaiKaiOS 2.5UkraineCandybar
BlackviewBlackview N1000KaiOS 2.5UkraineCandybar
LanixLanix U340KaiOS 2.5MexicoCandybar
AccentAccent Nubia 50KKaiOS 2.5MoroccoCandybar
AccentAccent Nubia 60KKaiOS 2.5MoroccoCandybar
FlowAlpha B10 FlowKaiOS 2.5CaribbeanCandybar
EconetEconet Atom 3GKaiOS 2.5ZimbabweCandybar
TTfoneTTfone TT240KaiOS 2.5UKCandybar
ZTEZTE Z2316 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
ZTEZTE Z2317 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
MangoAKEZA 4GKaiOS 2.5RowandaCandybar
MangoAKABUTO 4GKaiOS 2.5RowandaCandybar
ItelItel it9200 4GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
ItelItel it9300KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
LavaLava Captain 11 3GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
CondorCondor FP216LKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
AligatorAligator K50 eXtremoKaiOS 2.5CzechiaCandybar
FiseFise M32421KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M32424KaiOS 2.5GlobalQWERTY
FiseFise M32428KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M42421KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M42421AKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M42428KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M32433 3GKaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M42433KaiOS 2.5GlobalCandybar
FiseFise M42842KaiOS 2.5GlobalFlip
KammunicaLa ManoKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar
G-PlusG-Plus F5KaiOS 2.5TaiwanCandybar
Red-XRed X RevolverKaiOS 2.5Papua New GuineaCandybar
BMobileBMobile W125KKaiOS 2.5EuropeCandybar

Notable KaiOS Phones

Of the 100+ KaiOS phones sold around the world, a few are superlative and worth noting. While Reliance’s JioPhone is undoubtedly the global best seller with well over 100M units sold, several other models made history.

The Prequel: The GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

GreatCall Jitterbug Flip
GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

The GreatCall Jitterbug Flip (aka Alcatel Go Flip) was a very simple flip phone designed for senior citizens. It’s big buttons, large text, and simple menu made navigation a breeze. When it was released it 2016, it ran Firefox OS 2.2, the predecessor to KaiOS. The Jitterbug Flip was later updated to KaiOS 2.5, in part, to deliver VoLTE support. Despite not being marketed with KaiOS, in a way, the Jitterbug Flip was the “first” KaiOS phone.

The First: Alcatel Go Flip 2

Alcatel Go Flip 2
Alcatel Go Flip 2

The first official KaiOS phone was the Alcatel Go Flip 2. Released in 2019, it supported all major North American carriers (e.g., Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T), this launch proved KaiOS is stable, secure, and scalable. Otherwise, from the outside the Alcatel Go Flip 2 is nearly identical to all other Go Flip models. Other varients including the Cingular Flip 2 and Alcatel OneTouch (4044) ran KaiOS 1.0 based on Gecko 37 and lacked the KaiStore.

The First with KaiOS 3.0: Alcatel Go Flip 4 and TCL Flip Pro

Alcatel Go Flip 4 and TCL Flip Pro
Alcatel Go Flip 4 and TCL Flip Pro

Released in 2021 at the same time, the TCL Flip Pro (Verizon) and Alcatel Go Flip 4 (T-Mobile) were the first with KaiOS 3.0. Each sported a Qualcomm 215 and were noticeably snappier than KaiOS 2.5 devices. KaiOS 3.0 was baded on Gecko 84 and isn’t backwards compatible with KaiOS 2.5. As a result, each device launched without support for major applications like Facebook or WhatsApp (which are still not supported in 2024).

KaiOS 3.0 Outside USA: Orbic Journey Pro 4G

Orbic Journey Pro 4G
Orbic Journey Pro 4G

Three years after it’s initial release, KaiOS 3.1 finally made an appearance outside of the United States with the launch of the Orbic Journey Pro 4G in Japan. What’s more, it’s KaiOS’ first phone sold in Japan!

KaiOS Home Phone: Kammunica La Mano

Kammunica La Mano
Kammunica La Mano

Kammunica’s La Mano is the first “fixed wireless phone” using KaiOS. It’s essentially a landline home phone that makes calls wirelessly over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and 4G LTE (VoLTE) and comes with a charging dock. Otherwise it runs KaiOS 2.5 indistinguishable from other phones.

Developing for 100+ Devices

With three form factors, several major platform versions, and a global user base, developing and testing apps for KaiOS can get complex. If yours business wants to expand to the #1 smart feature phone operating system, contact the author from the About page.