Advanced KaiOS Development

Advanced Development Topics for KaiOS Smart Feature Phones

Complete Feature Detection on KaiOS

What features can you detect with navigator.getFeature() on KaiOS?

Practical KaiOS Optimization Tips

Practical tips for meaningfully optimizing KaiOS apps

Running in the Background on KaiOS

How to respond to events and perform background tasks on KaiOS

Certified Apps on KaiOS

What makes KaiOS Certified Apps Special? (with sources)

Bluetooth Low Energy on KaiOS

Working with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on KaiOS

CVE-2023-33293: Installed App List from the KaiOS 3.0 Browser

CVE-2023-33293: Checking Installed Apps and Versions from the KaiOS 3.0 Browser

CVE-2023-33294: KaiOS 3.0 Root Command Line in Browser via TCT Web Server

CVE-2023-33294: Executing Commands as Root from the Browser via TCT Web Server

CVE-2023-27108: Call Logs in the Browser

CVE-2023-27108: Accessing Call Logs from the Browser on KaiOS 3.0 & 3.1

Security and Privacy on KaiOS

Security and Privacy considerations for KaiOS smart feature phones

KaiOS App Optimization Tips

Optimizing apps for KaiOS smart feature phones

Complete KaiOS Permission Guide

Complete Guide to App Permissions on KaiOS

Complete manifest.webapp Guide

Complete Guide to manifest.webapp Properties on KaiOS

The Download on KaiOS Downloads

How to stream and store files on KaiOS

Advanced KaiOS Development: Push Notifications

Sending Notifications with the Web Push Protocol on KaiOS

Advanced KaiOS Development - CORS, TCP Sockets, and Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Disabling the Same Origin Policy (CORS), Navigator.mozTCPSocket, and issues with SSL certificates