Nutritional Scientist in Bangladesh builds KaiOS apps

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About Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali completed his master’s degree in Nutritional Science in 2021 at the Islamic University in Kushtia, Bangladesh. Durng his studies, he started coding KaiOS apps as a hobby after stumbling on a Facebook Ad for a KaiOS device recently launched in Bangladesh. Fast forward to 2024, Hazrat has published almost two dozen KaiOS applications on the KaiStore including popular apps like kiNET TV and Radio Waves.

How did you get started with KaiOS?

In 2013, while still in college, I began my journey with web development. At that time, I experimented with creating websites for mobile devices using tools like Wapka and XtGem, which sparked my interest in the field. Fast forward to 2020, when I came across a Facebook promotion about the KaiOS device launch in Bangladesh. I was intrigued by the fact that KaiOS apps were built with HTML5, a technology I was already familiar with.

Recognizing this as an exciting opportunity, I took advantage of the COVID-19 break from my academic classes to delve into KaiOS development. My first project was kiNET TV, a live TV streaming app. It was a fulfilling experience to bring this project to life and it’s one of the most used apps by KaiOS device users.

What technologies do you use for KaiOS development?

I use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for coding as it is a highly customizable and efficient code editor that supports multiple programming languages. I prefer to test my designs on two different versions of Firefox - version 48 for 2.5.x devices and version 84 for 3.x devices. This helps me ensure that my designs are compatible with both older and newer versions of the OS.

When it comes to coding, I prefer using Vanilla JavaScript, which means I write code without using any additional frameworks or libraries. This allows me to have complete control over the code and helps me avoid any unnecessary dependencies.

Hazrat Ali’s KaiOS Apps
Hazrat Ali's KaiOS Apps

What is your favorite KaiOS app that you developed?

I have developed and published 24 apps to KaiStore between 2021 and 2023. My favorite among them is Radio Waves, a radio streaming app. I love this app because it makes it easy for me to listen to news, music, and other programs live. Other apps include Video Player Pro, Cricket Live, Bazar, PDF Tools, Lyrics DB, and the games Wordscapes and Wordle.

How do you pick what app to work on?

I conducted a thorough search for innovative app ideas and identified highly popular apps that people use regularly on their smartphones. My focus was on finding apps that are currently unavailable on KaiStore, and can be developed using JavaScript.

What would you do differently knowing what you know now?

Studying computer technology-related subjects could potentially help me advance my career more effectively.

What advice would you give someone starting out with KaiOS development?

When new developers learn that KaiOS apps are based on HTML, they may feel excited and start developing right away. However, they will soon realize that developing an app for KaiOS can be challenging. Therefore, I suggest that it’s better not to get too excited and keep your expectations low. Before starting the development process, I recommend reading the official KaiOS documentation and the blog to gain a better understanding of the process.

What’s your favorite KaiOS phone?

I currently own two devices - a MediaTek device with OS 2.5 and a Nokia 2760 with OS 3.1. Although both devices have their own features and benefits, I prefer the Nokia for its speed and smooth operation.

Where can we learn more about you and your work?

I have completed my graduation in Nutritional Science, and I am currently preparing to enter the job sector. Additionally, I enjoy coding as a hobby and will continue to develop apps for KaiOS. You can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook. I also share updates and information related to my KaiOS apps on my Facebook page, Softloftbd, and website

This case study was provided by Hazrat Ali without compensation. Hazrat is among the top #15 most published KaiOS developers with almost two dozen applications on the KaiStore. Hazrat is based in Bangladesh where he runs the company SoftloftBD.

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