Getting Started with KaiOS

Beginner Development for KaiOS Smart Feature Phones

The Complete List of KaiOS Phones (2024)

The complete list of all KaiOS devices shipped around the world

KaiOS App Publishing Guide

Everything you need to publish an app on KaiOS

Special Keys on KaiOS

Handle special keys (soft keys, volume, camera) on KaiOS

KaiOS Open Source Resources

A curated list of free and open source resources for KaiOS

KaiOS App Ideas

Ideas for KaiOS apps still unavailable on the KaiStore in 2024

Data Storage on KaiOS

The complete guide to client-side data storage on KaiOS, including the Device Storage and Data Stores APIs

What's missing from KaiOS development?

What's missing from the KaiOS development experience in 2024?

Google Analytics and Alternatives for KaiOS Apps

Setup Google Analytics (GAv4) or alternative web traffic analytics for KaiOS apps

Localization for KaiOS Apps

Best practices for localization and translation of KaiOS Apps

What's Next for the JioPhone?

What's next for the JioPhone, the best-selling KaiOS phone globally?

Common KaiOS APIs and Interfaces

Learn how to use common KaiOS APIs and Interfaces

KaiOS' Next Frontier: Africa [Updated February 2024]

KaiOS smart feature phones poised for significant growth across Africa

What KaiOS phone should I get?

KaiOS phone recommendations for users, digital detoxers, and developers

Audio and Volume Control in KaiOS

Controlling volume and audio channels on KaiOS

Dos and Don'ts for KaiOS

Recommendations for developing KaiOS apps

Web Activities on KaiOS

Sharing, selecting, and viewing data cross-app with Web Activities and deep links

Developing for KaiOS on Mac

Developing KaiOS apps on Mac (updated for Ventura 13.2)

KaiOS App Monetization

Monetizing apps with on KaiOS with KaiAds and JioAds

The KaiOS Ecosystem: Apps & App Stores

The KaiOS ecosystem, packaged and hosted apps, and the KaiStore and JioStore

History of KaiOS

Learn about KaiOS, the world's third most popular mobile operating system